ionic expert


Remote (or remote)


I looking for an expert person in all things ionic/creator to design and build an app that looks simple.

The mobile application requires a very nice UI, credit card swipe integration, wifi printing, email, and local/remote data CRUD storage and syncing to firebase dbms.

The mobile phone application should run on iOS 6 and Droid 5 and later devices and needs to prepared and pushed to the major stores.

Expertise in explaining and using SEO/Ad store promo/tracking/tags and links or whatnot within the application, and setting up supporting web sites in conjunction, is also important.

I do not have time to learn iconic tools/libs/seo and develop apps, but do have 40 yrs of development at IBM, Microsoft, and lots of other places.

Consequently I will pay for translatable expertise from someone who is willing to inform me of exactly what they did and allow me to ask any question.

My intention is to take over the project when it is completed and if the work is very high quality, move on to design/develop the next app I have in mind.

When you send a reply please include apps you helped or did publish to both apple and droid stores using iconic/creator with brief explanations of roles you played and could repeat expertly.

And if you could, talk about what you did to make apps take advantage of SEO marketing.



To apply for this position:

contact me via email to [email protected] or leave a message for me on skype id jamesearle1